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'Rabbit from Darkside' is the long anticipated debut album from South African producer Rinkadink. Nine months in the making. The album was written in Japan and London in between extensive touring, engineered and influenced by the people and the parties around the world.

Definitely twisted and extremely unpredictable, off the wall tracks masterly constructed while still retaining a mainstream appeal, 'Rabbit from Darkside' is an evolution in the mayhem that is Rinkadink.

Completely fresh and unreleased tracks that has been devastating and tickling unsuspecting dancefloors in his live sets over the while. The album encompasses the full spectrum of styles, definitely left of field yet hopelessly groovy. Dusty and disorderly, developed and tweaked while touring, it has been finely retuned and remixed before the final incarnations arrived on the album.

'Rabbit from Darkside' completely twists your head while keeping your feet firmly embedded on the dancefloor. A cacophony of pure mayhem and striking originality, this album is a quantum leap far beyond the norm.

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